Do you need an OBM or a VA?

It seems that lots of people searching for a Virtual Assistant end up submitting RFPs for Online Business Managers (OBM) and vice versa. The thing is, while the two titles seem similar on the surface, they’re actually quite different and if you’re not sure of the difference, your goals may not be met with your hire.

So what’s the difference between a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business Manager?

Since Peak Assist is into Online Business Management, I’ll start by outlining what an OBM is.

An OBM is…

  • A highly skilled (and often certified) professional who can manage your daily operations
  • A partner in your business
  • Up-to-date on Internet marketing strategies
  • Constantly upgrading his/her business management skills
  • Going to treat your business as if it were his/her own
  • Proactive, identifying ways they can help you grow your business
  • A manager, not necessarily the doer
  • Responsible for the success of the team
  • Motivated by base pay and incentives

A Virtual Assistant is…

  • A doer, not a manager
  • Completes specific tasks assigned to him/her normally not going beyond that point
  • Responsible only for his/her own work
  • Always requiring your final approval on tasks completed
  • Compensated by an hourly rate

If you simply want someone to help you in the start-up phase of your business to complete simple tasks to give you some time to do other things, then you should look at working with a Virtual Assistant.

If you’re a successful business owner and you can’t possibly grow your business anymore on your own, you need the assistance of an Online Business Manager to help remove you from those tasks you can’t stand!

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