Online Business Management Services

Online Business Manager Services

Marketing Systems

Developing marketing systems starts with determining how people find your business and learn about what your business offers.  I will evaluate your current marketing strategies and once I understand what is happening and the direction we want to go in, I can assess the tools we should be using to get there, along with managing implementation.

Relationship Building System

Sandy Zuniga, OBM Relationship BuildingThis is where I evaluate how your business builds relationships with potential customers who have joined your list. This includes things like sending out ezines, setting up autoresponders and doing other types of follow up to turn potential clients into paying customers.

I’ll want to ensure you have a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database tool to keep track of contact details and streamline communications with potential clients, especially where sales calls should be taking place.

Communication Systems and Team Management

As your Online Business Manager I will expertly evaluate your existing team and how each member communicates inside and outside your company (i.e.: email, phone, instant message, etc.), who is responsible for what, response times, expectations, availability etc. so you have an efficient team at your beck and call.

SOP Guide

I want to analyze and evaluate how things are done. I will coordinate and get documentation on all existing (and new) systems into one place for easy access by team members so there is a better understanding of processes and increased productivity. This is also helpful when training new team members.Sandy Zuniga, Online Business Manager

Money Systems

I will make sure there is a process to confirm that money goes from the ‘buy button’ to your business bank account, tracking payments due and following up with clients to pay. This will be handled in conjunction with a bookkeeper.  If you don’t currently have one, as your Online Business Manager, I will find the right person.

Client Support Systems

After evaluating how people are taken care of once they become paying clients (i.e.: enrollment processes, welcome information, taking care of questions/customer service, etc.)  I will add process improvements if needed.

Delivery Systems

Like any good Online Business Manager, I will evaluate how the products and services you provide are actually delivered to clients. This will vary depending on revenue streams, but I will make recommendations and coordinate implementation.

Backup Systems

I will evaluate how essential information in your business is backed up and if needed, I will create a schedule and recommend the best backup tools for our needs.

Project Management Systems

Sandy Zuniga, OBM Project ManagerI will take over assigning tasks and delegating responsibilities to team members, keeping tabs on what is getting done and when.

Take a minute to learn more about me and then contact me so we can discuss how an Online Business Manager can get your business to the peak of success!