avatar"I'm incredibly impressed by Sandy's attention to detail and the care she gave smARTist. Everything about Sandy signals lovely and professional and caring. A pretty dynamite combo, if you ask me!" -Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. smARTist®

Ariane Goodwin
smARTist Career Blog
"Sandy has been a joy to work with. Always professional in her communication and task completion, I highly recommend her for anyone needing professional administrative assistance."

Kimberly Kerns, King & Associates
avatar"Sandy Zuniga is a straight forward, take-control Online Business Manager with excellent analytical skills. She is able to identify service gaps and areas that can be improved and streamlined for profitability success. Her charisma makes her a delight to work with and she excels at Team Management and creating systems and processes, as well as documentation."

"Her "stay till it’s done" attitude is a rare quality and compliments her hard work ethic and sense of high integrity"

"Anyone who partners with Sandy as their Online Business Manager is in for a treat, she truly becomes your partner and keeps a firm eye on metrics, revenue and creating additional ways to bring income in. She just "makes it happen”."

Larissa Parks
"Sandy has been a pleasure to work with. She has completed a variety of different projects for me, always working quickly and thoroughly. She is a quick study and her work has always been high quality."

Sue Marchant
Alpine Technical Writing
avatar"Sandy Zuniga is a capable, trustworthy, energetic and reliable addition to our company. We rely on her for a wide variety of services from client contacts to project tracking. She always delivers on time, on budget and with a good attitude. I highly recommend her."

Marc J. Sachnoff
Enlightened Enterprises, LLC